Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) – My Experience

One of Aalayam’s volunteer and also Vazhai organization’s volunteer Mrs.Thamarai Selvi informed Aalayam about the “Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF)” gathering which had happened in Chennai on September  21st.

Since I was in Chennai that day I had an opportunity to participated on behalf of Aalayam Foundation.

It was a wonderful experience.

Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) conducted the programs from morning to evening that day.

Lot of wonderful people have participated in the event and the energy was high till the evening sessions.

Hats off to all the members of Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) and other volunteers.

They gave us an opportunity to speak about Aalayam.

In Summary I had talked about What Aalayam does and How do we operate.

After the meeting I spoke with a school headmaster gave our information and also talked to an employee of child labor prevention welfare organization who are doing a wonderful job is that space also given our information so that we both can work together towards the common goals of providing education for the people who are not fortunate as we are.

End of the day this meet once again stresses the importance of NGO’s working together so that each others mission’s can be achieved with support from one another.

Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF): http://www.tnsfchennai.com

Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chennaitnsf


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