Protect the Identity and give pride to our Beneficiaries
Aalayam is committed to protect the identity and give pride to our beneficiaries with all of your support.

It’s important that we respect the privacy of the beneficiary by not disclosing their personal identifiable information on the public website.

Aalayam does the review of all personal information of the beneficiary in very detail to find the genuinity of the cause.

We don’t want to publicize the situation of our beneficiaries and raise funds.

We all know that the beneficiaries have not chosen to live in the conditions and their inabilities to pay the fees. They are not responsible for the conditions in which they are in now.

We all also know that these conditions are temporary in nature and they will be in a very good positions once they have completed their education and grown up.

As a transparent organization we are committed to provide all the relevant information by providing you with the evidence by emailing the copy of the cheques given to institutions and or beneficiaries.

Also as an registered organization we also maintain and submit documents to the government for auditing.

Thanks a lot Donor’s and everyone for your deep understanding on this and the support you are providing.


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