Compiled some thoughts on Education

Provide safety for the Kids. For example, Look at how many kids are being kidnapped, travel to schools in unsafe environment, etc.,   The enrollments will go up if parents know that their kids are safe. Revolutionize the education system from Linear, conformity, Industrial model to Organic or Agricultural model by providing the right kind of environment so that students can blossom according to their capabilities. Everyone has their own time to blossom. – Quotes from “Ken Robinson – Ted Talk”   Survey the public find out the top 10 issues by district & State and address them. One size may not fit all.   Execute the existing schemes without corruption.   TV content regulations. Too much violence, non suitable contents for kids delivered through Television. Programs in the evening to be censored to suit children. Teach Soft skills in school curriculum.   Include more sports, Quiet time (Know yourself).

Train the Teachers to encourage students for creativity & Innovation. Train the teachers frequently.

Creativity is as important as Literacy – Designing the syllabus based on this theme will help students to know their full potential. Education should not be a competition. School ranking system needs to be overhauled. Students come to school first time joyfully, the system divides them says only top 5 or 10 are fit for the society. What about the rest?

Ken Robinson – Ted Talks Krishnamurti