Chennai, Cuddalore – Student’s Flood Rehabilitation Work Report

This is an official report created by Aalayam Foundation for the student’s flood rehabilitation work conducted in Chennai and Cuddalore area between 04/12/2015 and 15/02/2016. Though Education for underprivileged is our vision, this disaster has called us to do this relief work on humanitarian grounds. We heart fully thank the sponsors, donors, volunteers, friends and all our supporters.

Distribution Summary

Total no. of students benefited: 1022

Total no of locations: 13

Total expenses: Rs.2,15,515 (includes material, logistics etc.)

Total raised funds: Rs.5,53,353

Balance: Rs.3,37,838 (As mentioned, the remaining amount will be used for upcoming educational cause and donors will be notified)

Distribution Detail

A detailed distribution information is given below:

LocationManakuppam, Villanur, Pondy
No. of Students25
MaterialsBag – 25, Note – 100, Pen – 25, Pencil – 25, Scale – 25, Eraser – 25, Sharper – 25, Slipper – 23, Sketch – 23
CostRs. 10442.50
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationKadhirgamana, Pondy
No. of Students7
MaterialsBag – 7, Note – 24, Box – 7, Pen – 7, Pencil – 7, Scale – 7, Eraser – 7, Sharper – 7, Slipper – 7, Sketch – 7
CostRs. 3130.30
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationMelpadhi, Villupuram
No. of Students352
MaterialsNote – 1408, Uniform Tailoring – 3, Slate – 25
CostRs. 18681.00
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationKombakkam, Pondy
No. of Students31
MaterialsBag – 31, Note – 124, Nox – 31, Box – 31, Pen – 31, Pencil – 31, Scale – 31, Eraser – 31, Sharper – 31, Slipper – 31, Calculator – 1, Shoe – 4, Sketch – 31, A4 sheet – 1
CostRs. 12446.90
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationSaram, Pondy
No. of Students20
MaterialsNote – 20, Box – 10, Pen – 20, Pencil – 20, Scale – 20, Eraser – 20, Sharper – 20, Sketch – 50
CostRs. 1998.00
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationAriyur and Edayanchavady, Pondy
No. of Students33
MaterialsBag – 7, Note – 33, Box – 15, Pen – 32, Pencil – 32, Scale – 32, Eraser – 32, Sharper – 32, Slipper – 32, Sketch – 50
CostRs. 4945.80
LocationKumanan Chavadi (Mosque street), Chennai
No. of Students27
MaterialsBag – 23, Note – 123, Box – 19, Pen – 16, Pencil – 21, Pencil – 21, Scale – 21, Eraser – 21, Sharper – 21, Slipper – 23, Slate – 1
CostRs. 10441.90
FriendsSivadhas, Shyam, Gilda, Latha, Varnika, Nileash
LocationMedvakam Thiruvaluar Primary School, Chennai
No. of Students60
MaterialsNote – 180, 3rd term book – 180
CostRs. 10360.90
FriendsIssac Jamin
LocationChinnamangadu, Chennai
No. of Students85
MaterialsBag – 74, Note – 339, Box – 40, Scale – 20, Eraser – 22, Sharper – 18, Slate – 3
CostRs. 25525.00
FriendsSivadhas, Shyam, Gilda, Latha, Varnika, Nileash
LocationKumanan Chavadi Aamman Koil street), Chennai
No. of Students193
MaterialsBag – 75, Note – 502, Box – 43, Pen – 21, Pencil – 31, Scale – 68, Eraser – 30, Sharper – 30, Slipper – 32, Uniform cloth – 106, Uniform Tailoring – 60, Slate – 8
CostRs. 64197.90
VolunteersRajesh, Vinoth
LocationVillivakkam, 18th cross main road, Chennai
No. of Students20
MaterialsBag – 9, Note – 57, Box – 7, Pen – 8, Pencil – 10, Scale – 10, Eraser – 10, Sharper – 8, Slipper – 8, Uniform Cloth – 10,
CostRs. 6237.80
VolunteersRajesh, Vinoth
LocationSeenneear Kuppam (Chipaya nagar), Chennai
No. of Students112
MaterialsBag – 41, Note – 268, Box – 26, Pen – 17, Pencil – 27, Scale – 45, Eraser – 30, Sharper – 30, Slipper – 27, Uniform Cloth – 39, Uniform Tailoring – 35
CostRs. 32419.30
VolunteersRajesh, Vinoth
LocationKumanan Chavadi (Market street), Chennai
No. of Students57
MaterialsBag – 45, Note – 246, Box – 22, Scale – 20, Eraser – 13, Sharper – 8, Slipper – 8, Slate – 1
CostRs. 14688.00

Distribution Process

After the emergency relief in Chennai and Cuddalore, we were getting help requests for various students from both Chennai and Cuddalore. Since it is not an emergency relief we took this as our second project as part of the flood relief. This project was executed under the leadership of our volunteers Bhaskar K (Villupuram/Pondy rural) and Rajesh (Chennai). Krishna Prasad (volunteer), helped in procuring the materials in wholesale price from Chennai.

As per our policy “100% to the beneficiary”, we took tremendous effort to make sure the raised funds must benefit the right students as per their needs.


  1. Identified the flood affected locations in Chennai and Cuddalore.
  2. Our volunteers, went in person to the locations and met every student / school / group.
  3. Collected the requirements in detail for each student.
  4. Verified the student’s living condition and their identity.
  5. Finalized the list of locations, students and the materials required.
  6. Purchased the materials from Parrys (Chennai) in wholesale.
  7. Transported the materials to different locations.
  8. Informed the students to gather in a school or a common place.
  9. Volunteers and friends went in person and distributed the materials.
  10. During distribution, we verified the student’s identity again.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Our new office in Coimbatore

We are very pleased to announce that we have extended to a new shared office in Coimbatore in additional to our Chennai office. Our volunteer Mohan is operating from the Coimbatore office.

Address – 144 VRK Gounder Complex, Vadavalli, Coimbatore – 641046

Our 1st educational cause and my 1st blog

We had a tough time to arrive at our 1st educational cause which really deserves financial help for education. Once we had this campaign running we received around 23 applications over a period of time and we thought everyone had a need but we were asking ourselves whether all of them really need our help.

We went ahead and framed a few criteria that would help us to narrow down on those who are in real need and got the number of applications narrowed down to 8. One of these applications is the one that I am talking about now. Our goal was to make sure the donors contribution was reaching the right student, so it was challenging and we were cautious in every step.

The child who has been selected after a lot of review is from a village called Thangachimadam. Thangachimadam is a village in the central part of Rameswaram which is a holy island in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Having close proximity to Sea the main occupation of people living here is fishing.

People also do farming activities around coconut and jasmine.

Pamban Bridge is a cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait which connects Thangachimadam, Rameswaram on Pamban Island to India.  The bridge refers to both the road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge, though primarily it means the latter. Opened in 1914, it was India’s first sea bridge, and was the longest sea bridge in India till 2010.


Now let us come back to our cause after some insights about this place J She was referred by beneficiary’s brother. Beneficiary is a 10 year old girl currently studying in 4th standard. She lost her father at the age of 5 and living with her mother (home maker) and elder sister (7th std). Her elder sister’s education is supported by people in her hometown.

The child studies in one of the government aided school in that area and is a consistent 1st rank holder in her school. She has a dream to become a successful Engineer when she grows up. In Thangatchimadam government schools & government aided schools play a very important role due to lack of good private schools. Even though government aided schools charge very less for the year there is a need for uniforms, books etc.

We had a strict evaluation & review process which included talking to the beneficiary, her mother and a few others to understand the situation and collected all relevant documents to backup these claims. Based on this we filled the final documentation within Aalayam and are now looking forward to help her realize her dream of becoming an able engineer who can not only improve her family’s condition but also our nation as a whole.

Looking forward to share my experience with our next cause!

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