Aalayam Reach Cheyyar School Visit
Aalayam Reach Cheyyar School Visit

Aalayam volunteers visited couple of schools in Cheyyar to interact with students and teachers to better understand their expectations and how Aalayam can assist them to shape their future. We started from Chennai and it was two and a half hours drive. We went to one government aided school and one government school.

Most of the students are from low income family but they are so happy and very interested in learning. The photos below are taken from the government school.

The parents of these schools tend to send their children to SIPCOT to support their family financial needs. Lot of students parents were daily wages.

The government school head master and teacher’s are working tirelessly to help the students and continuously providing better education for the students.

During our visit on Saturday, the school was preparing for their lunch and dinner for the 10 standard students to support their special classes to help them clear the exams. This initiative is funded by Parent Teachers Association fund’s interest payment.

The Tamil teacher who attended this meet up told the students that MORALITY is important than EDUCATION and that is the thought process of the school and her focus as well. Once MORAL Behavior is there then EDUCATION comes easy for the students.

We left with good memories and gave us the hope that WE ARE ALONE on this JOURNEY.

Let’s JOIN HANDS for a BRIGHT FUTURE for our next generation of STUDENTS.


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