My visit to Dr. G. Nammalvar ayya’s Vanagam

I visited Vanagam, located at Surumanpatti, Kadavur in Karur district on November 27th to work with them to plant 28 trees, as part of our commitment to plant one tree for every successful completion of a student’s cause. So far in total we have plated 40 trees.


Aalayam’s commitment for Ecological sustainability moved us to join hands with Vanagam, NGO created by Dr. G. Nammalvar Ayya.

Vanagam has 40-45 acres of land. They provide Organic farming training for interested people every month with a small marginal fee which is used to plant new trees, to build and maintain the infrastructure. We have requested to dedicate some area with in Vanagam to plant trees sponsored by Aalayam. When you get a chance, please do visit Vanagam and the plants supported by Aalayam.


Aalayam help financially deprived students to fulfill their longing to study and obtain knowledge and with that the students will also become a better individual in the society and attain financial independence.

Planting a tree is a gesture to show that Ecological Sustainability is an important component which has to go hand in hand with other societal and economic growths.

The source of energy for this human life is given by nature. It’s a natural instinct in us to protect and save it for our next generation.

Let’s give back in the form of planting the trees along with assisting financial deprived students..

G Nammalvar (or Nammazhwar) தமிழில் : நம்மாழ்வார் (1938 – 2013) was an Indian organic farming expert, Green Crusader. Recognising his extensive work in the field of agriculture, the Gandhi Gram Rural University, Dindugal honoured Nammazhwar with a Doctorate of Science degree in 2007.

One of Nammalvar’s sayings was: “Farming is not a way of producing crops to make money. It is a way of living that is possible even in the 21st century.” He trained hundreds of farm youths as trainers and helped many farmers to be master trainers.

He never pushed ideas down anyone’s throat. Each farm is unique according to the farmers’ understanding and the conditions, Nammalvar would say.

He would keep experimenting with what he learned from the farmers, refined this knowledge and then gave it back to them.

More can be learned about vanagam and Dr. G. Nammalvar from the below links.

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