My visit to Dr. G. Nammalvar ayya’s Vanagam

I visited Vanagam, located at Surumanpatti, Kadavur in Karur district on November 27th to work with them to plant 28 trees, as part of our commitment to plant one tree for every successful completion of a student’s cause. So far in total we have plated 40 trees.


Aalayam’s commitment for Ecological sustainability moved us to join hands with Vanagam, NGO created by Dr. G. Nammalvar Ayya.

Vanagam has 40-45 acres of land. They provide Organic farming training for interested people every month with a small marginal fee which is used to plant new trees, to build and maintain the infrastructure. We have requested to dedicate some area with in Vanagam to plant trees sponsored by Aalayam. When you get a chance, please do visit Vanagam and the plants supported by Aalayam.


Aalayam help financially deprived students to fulfill their longing to study and obtain knowledge and with that the students will also become a better individual in the society and attain financial independence.

Planting a tree is a gesture to show that Ecological Sustainability is an important component which has to go hand in hand with other societal and economic growths.

The source of energy for this human life is given by nature. It’s a natural instinct in us to protect and save it for our next generation.

Let’s give back in the form of planting the trees along with assisting financial deprived students..

G Nammalvar (or Nammazhwar) தமிழில் : நம்மாழ்வார் (1938 – 2013) was an Indian organic farming expert, Green Crusader. Recognising his extensive work in the field of agriculture, the Gandhi Gram Rural University, Dindugal honoured Nammazhwar with a Doctorate of Science degree in 2007.

One of Nammalvar’s sayings was: “Farming is not a way of producing crops to make money. It is a way of living that is possible even in the 21st century.” He trained hundreds of farm youths as trainers and helped many farmers to be master trainers.

He never pushed ideas down anyone’s throat. Each farm is unique according to the farmers’ understanding and the conditions, Nammalvar would say.

He would keep experimenting with what he learned from the farmers, refined this knowledge and then gave it back to them.

More can be learned about vanagam and Dr. G. Nammalvar from the below links.

Ted Talk:
Preparing Students for a Successful Future – Team Work

          Preparing Students for a Successful Future

  • Teamwork was increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s work force and in social engagements.
  • It’s just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the softer, interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate as a team effectively.
  • Teamwork, leadership, and communication are underpinned by soft skills development. Since each is an essential element for organizational and personal success, developing these skills is very important and does matter… a lot!
Our education system should focus on doing work as a team rather than INDIVIDUALS.


  • Teach the Importance of team work at this elementary level education.
  • Any corporate work culture demands team players.
  • Teams produce more results than individuals.

More Info:


  • In today’s ever changing, complex world, jobs are becoming more and more specialized, and the need to bring specialists together to form a team becomes even more important.
  • Its also important to come together for SOCIETAL development and close linkage with the society.
  • It will help to get a JOB and perform well globally and to improve personally.
  • It’s a fact that companies provides soft skill training more than technical training.
  • Students can’t compete and provide results if they doesn’t have these skillsets.


  • Teachers and Parents to Challenge, Excite students to learn. Parents to educate their kids about the importance of teamwork, leadership and communication skills.
  • Teachers and Parents to guide students on the social process of learning, and help student to realize they are important contributors for the society and make them accountability to learn.
  • Make students THINK! with other learners.
  • Conduct team Building games.


Ken Robinson – Ted Talks

Team Building Games

All the above game online and can be simulated and can be played

Tree plantation for cause support – Set 1

We have planted 1st set of trees on 08 March 2016. Total trees planted are 12. These trees are planted in support of below causes:

20150701 BE final year Mechanical student from a village near Salem
20150808 BSc (Electronics) 3rd year student from Kodaikanal
20150704 BCom 3rd year student from Kodaikanal studying in Madurai
20150807 Final year Diploma student from Salem Attur
20150804 Chennai student need help to buy hearing aid to continue his study
20150702 BE EEE 3rd year student from Krishnagiri asking for help
20150706 BE Civil 2nd year student from Krishnagiri
20150810 Final year BE(IT) student from Krishnagiri
20150703 BE Civil 3rd year student from Krishnagiri
20150805 BE 1st year Civil student from Kanyakumari
20150905 MSc Maths 2nd year student from Vellore town
20150904 MBBS 2nd year student from Chennai studying in Trichy

Location : Vaanagam, Nammalvar Ecological Foundation, Suruman Patti village, Kadavur post, Tharagampatti, Tamil Nadu

Chennai, Cuddalore – Student’s Flood Rehabilitation Work Report

This is an official report created by Aalayam Foundation for the student’s flood rehabilitation work conducted in Chennai and Cuddalore area between 04/12/2015 and 15/02/2016. Though Education for underprivileged is our vision, this disaster has called us to do this relief work on humanitarian grounds. We heart fully thank the sponsors, donors, volunteers, friends and all our supporters.

Distribution Summary

Total no. of students benefited: 1022

Total no of locations: 13

Total expenses: Rs.2,15,515 (includes material, logistics etc.)

Total raised funds: Rs.5,53,353

Balance: Rs.3,37,838 (As mentioned, the remaining amount will be used for upcoming educational cause and donors will be notified)

Distribution Detail

A detailed distribution information is given below:

LocationManakuppam, Villanur, Pondy
No. of Students25
MaterialsBag – 25, Note – 100, Pen – 25, Pencil – 25, Scale – 25, Eraser – 25, Sharper – 25, Slipper – 23, Sketch – 23
CostRs. 10442.50
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationKadhirgamana, Pondy
No. of Students7
MaterialsBag – 7, Note – 24, Box – 7, Pen – 7, Pencil – 7, Scale – 7, Eraser – 7, Sharper – 7, Slipper – 7, Sketch – 7
CostRs. 3130.30
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationMelpadhi, Villupuram
No. of Students352
MaterialsNote – 1408, Uniform Tailoring – 3, Slate – 25
CostRs. 18681.00
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationKombakkam, Pondy
No. of Students31
MaterialsBag – 31, Note – 124, Nox – 31, Box – 31, Pen – 31, Pencil – 31, Scale – 31, Eraser – 31, Sharper – 31, Slipper – 31, Calculator – 1, Shoe – 4, Sketch – 31, A4 sheet – 1
CostRs. 12446.90
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationSaram, Pondy
No. of Students20
MaterialsNote – 20, Box – 10, Pen – 20, Pencil – 20, Scale – 20, Eraser – 20, Sharper – 20, Sketch – 50
CostRs. 1998.00
FriendsVinoth Kumar from IRB
LocationAriyur and Edayanchavady, Pondy
No. of Students33
MaterialsBag – 7, Note – 33, Box – 15, Pen – 32, Pencil – 32, Scale – 32, Eraser – 32, Sharper – 32, Slipper – 32, Sketch – 50
CostRs. 4945.80
LocationKumanan Chavadi (Mosque street), Chennai
No. of Students27
MaterialsBag – 23, Note – 123, Box – 19, Pen – 16, Pencil – 21, Pencil – 21, Scale – 21, Eraser – 21, Sharper – 21, Slipper – 23, Slate – 1
CostRs. 10441.90
FriendsSivadhas, Shyam, Gilda, Latha, Varnika, Nileash
LocationMedvakam Thiruvaluar Primary School, Chennai
No. of Students60
MaterialsNote – 180, 3rd term book – 180
CostRs. 10360.90
FriendsIssac Jamin
LocationChinnamangadu, Chennai
No. of Students85
MaterialsBag – 74, Note – 339, Box – 40, Scale – 20, Eraser – 22, Sharper – 18, Slate – 3
CostRs. 25525.00
FriendsSivadhas, Shyam, Gilda, Latha, Varnika, Nileash
LocationKumanan Chavadi Aamman Koil street), Chennai
No. of Students193
MaterialsBag – 75, Note – 502, Box – 43, Pen – 21, Pencil – 31, Scale – 68, Eraser – 30, Sharper – 30, Slipper – 32, Uniform cloth – 106, Uniform Tailoring – 60, Slate – 8
CostRs. 64197.90
VolunteersRajesh, Vinoth
LocationVillivakkam, 18th cross main road, Chennai
No. of Students20
MaterialsBag – 9, Note – 57, Box – 7, Pen – 8, Pencil – 10, Scale – 10, Eraser – 10, Sharper – 8, Slipper – 8, Uniform Cloth – 10,
CostRs. 6237.80
VolunteersRajesh, Vinoth
LocationSeenneear Kuppam (Chipaya nagar), Chennai
No. of Students112
MaterialsBag – 41, Note – 268, Box – 26, Pen – 17, Pencil – 27, Scale – 45, Eraser – 30, Sharper – 30, Slipper – 27, Uniform Cloth – 39, Uniform Tailoring – 35
CostRs. 32419.30
VolunteersRajesh, Vinoth
LocationKumanan Chavadi (Market street), Chennai
No. of Students57
MaterialsBag – 45, Note – 246, Box – 22, Scale – 20, Eraser – 13, Sharper – 8, Slipper – 8, Slate – 1
CostRs. 14688.00

Distribution Process

After the emergency relief in Chennai and Cuddalore, we were getting help requests for various students from both Chennai and Cuddalore. Since it is not an emergency relief we took this as our second project as part of the flood relief. This project was executed under the leadership of our volunteers Bhaskar K (Villupuram/Pondy rural) and Rajesh (Chennai). Krishna Prasad (volunteer), helped in procuring the materials in wholesale price from Chennai.

As per our policy “100% to the beneficiary”, we took tremendous effort to make sure the raised funds must benefit the right students as per their needs.


  1. Identified the flood affected locations in Chennai and Cuddalore.
  2. Our volunteers, went in person to the locations and met every student / school / group.
  3. Collected the requirements in detail for each student.
  4. Verified the student’s living condition and their identity.
  5. Finalized the list of locations, students and the materials required.
  6. Purchased the materials from Parrys (Chennai) in wholesale.
  7. Transported the materials to different locations.
  8. Informed the students to gather in a school or a common place.
  9. Volunteers and friends went in person and distributed the materials.
  10. During distribution, we verified the student’s identity again.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Our new office in Coimbatore

We are very pleased to announce that we have extended to a new shared office in Coimbatore in additional to our Chennai office. Our volunteer Mohan is operating from the Coimbatore office.

Address – 144 VRK Gounder Complex, Vadavalli, Coimbatore – 641046