Drop out rate of students & the reasons in India

Drop out rate of students and Drop out Reasons in India   According to the statistics from Ministry of Human Resources and Development Bureau of Planning, Monitoring and Statistics, the drop out rate is 47.4 in the year 2013-14 from class 1 to 10th.   Based on studies from government and NGOs in different states, economic reasons was cited as one of the biggest reason for not sending student to school by parents.   “School dropout rate amongst adolescent girls in India is as high as 63.5% (Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation – MoSPI, 2012)”   Drop out Rate is the percentage of students who drop out from a given grade or cycle or level of education in a given school year.  

Where our contribution makes a difference as a Volunteer \ Donor?   “Our contribution as a Volunteer and Donor will make a difference by making sure the students are not dropped out of school because of economical reasons and also will contribute in reducing the national drop out rate.”     References:http://mhrd.gov.in/sites/upload_files/mhrd/files/statistics/EAG2014.pdfhttp://planningcommission.gov.in/reports/sereport/ser/stdy_ecdo.pdfhttp://schooldropoutprevention.com/country-data-activities/india/