How are we able to give 100 percent to beneficiary

Few people asked us this question and we thought to explain the way it works today.

It’s Simple Though!

The goal of our organization is to identify deserving students and use crowdfunding to raise funds from supporters. Beneficiary approach us directly or referred to us for financial help to continue or purse school or college education. Our review committee investigate the cause to know the complete background. Once the cause is approved we share the cause to supporters through our website, facebook, email etc. Supporters with generously donate to the cause.

It is very important that whatever donation we receive from the supporters should go to the beneficiary 100%. Once the goal is reached, we are directly pay it to the educational institute or service provider and ask for receipts. We DO NOT write cheque or demand draft to the beneficiary or parents.

As any organization we do have monthly operating cost and we try to keep it very minimal as possible, so that we can serve many student. Our monthly cost includes office rent, phone bill, stationary, web hosting etc. Our champions are contributing in many ways as website development, graphics design, cause review, user support, accounting, tax filing etc.

Currently we have three core members pledge monthly and that covers our operating cost. In near future we are planning to integrate payment gateway, so that supporters can donate seamlessly. There is a service charge (2-5%) given to the payment processing company and we would like to observe that cost with our monthly operating cost. To cover this service charge we will increase the number of monthly pledge amount.

At any cost we WILL NOT take any single amount from the cause donation and give 100% donations to the beneficiary’s cause which makes us different!

Giving is Living

What can we Give?

We have come with Nothing. So we cannot Give.

We made products from needles to computers from of our mother earth and made money made out of these.

We have received everything from this planet, from Sun light, Water, Food, etc., to Oxygen for our living.

So what can we give?

Since we cannot really give anything, Shall we Share?

Let’s do that. Let’s give what we have received, which is not even ours, with the people who are in need.

This is one way of Living.

It’s not even Giving it’s just Living.

Process of learning
Learning is not a Competition.

The beauty in this world is everything in unique. Why to compare with one another? Comparison will make you dull. In comparing you are restricting yourself to a small group of people in your class. Remember, there are many schools and many students. Learn without comparing with anyone. Learn to know for yourself. In this way, you don’t learn to get better than someone else but you want to really understand what it is. At that instance you will see the beauty of it. That’s when you will reach you own highest potential without any comparisons and compulsions to learn.

The process of learning is no comparison.

Learning is a process, there is no end even after coming out of the school or college. When you learn from a book which is written by someone that process itself shows that someone is sharing their knowledge with you, same goes true in a class room when someone is teaching, or from your parents who taught us so many things and also from the nature etc., This list goes on and on …..

The process of learning is sharing.

So many teachers, individuals, people around us have shared their knowledge with us selflessly. Otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are now. If we think about this, who is educating you and me? Everyone in this world, right. Please keep your ears open, the world itself is a school. Don’t restrict yourself to the walls of the school. Use your learning to make the world a better place to live by contributing to the well being of human beings, nature etc., That’s the gratitude we show to our teachers. Someone shared the following quote sometime ago which I learned and remembered till now  “Light never ends, from candle to candle and soul to soul”. The light here is the knowledge. Share your knowledge.